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Скачать Скрипт PHPMelody 2.5 с плюшками

Тема в разделе "Программы и скрипты", создана пользователем Gustav, 11 янв 2016.

  1. Gustav

    Gustav Команда форума Администратор

    Скрипт PHPMelody 2.5 с плюшками


    Introducing PHP Melody v2.5
    PHP Melody is a self-hosted Video CMS which evolved over the last 8 years. SEO optimization, unbeaten security and speed are advantages you no longer have to compromise on.
    A truly great CMS should help you save time and make your life easier not complicate it. Nobody enjoys spending time and money on inferior solutions. If you value your time, don't settle for anything but the best video CMS with a proven track record, constant support and updates.
    Whether you're creating a personal or business video site, PHP Melody gets the job done. This is a no fuss CMS, fit for 2016.

    • Works on any hosting account.
    • No nonsense features that you'll never use.
    • Optimized for speed, ease of use and customization.
    • Constant updates to keep your site ahead of your competition.
    • Reassuringly solid customer support (8 years and going).
    • Simple pricing – buy and own for life, no monthly fees.

    В архиве PHP Melody 2.5
    Mobile Plugin 3.0
    Темы Ruby и Square



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