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Скачать [Wordpress] Плагин Hide My WP - полное закрытие следов движка Wordpress

Тема в разделе "WordPress", создана пользователем Gustav, 1 дек 2014.

  1. Gustav

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    Hide My WP No one can know you use WordPress v4.01


    Этот плагин поможет вам скрыть все следы движка Wordpress.

    Описание на английском

    Introducing Intrusion Detection System:
    This is one of the most important features so far! Remember, what happened few months ago for Revolution Slider and Showbiz. There was a serious vulnerability which affects lots of premium themes and websites. Now IDS is here to protect your site against similar issues in future! Technically, it monitors all of requests of the site and assign a number (i.e. Impact Factor) to each request base on tens security checks. Impact factor indicates how much dangerous is that request. Should it be blocked? Should site admin be notified about it or we should just log it for future validity check. It’s useful against almost any type of attacks, any vulnerable plugin or theme! It may takes some time to trade off configuration in order to minimize false positives.

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