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Скачать MMF (Million Marketing Formula) - Kern, Burchard [ENG]

Тема в разделе "Разное", создана пользователем Gustav, 11 янв 2016.

  1. Gustav

    Gustav Команда форума Администратор

    Million Marketing Formula
    Frank Kern, Brandon Burchard


    The results we've gotten have been legendary.

    Now we're going to share all of our BEST BIG PAYDAY SECRETS with you.

    THIS IS THREE DAYS WITH US where we reveal ALL of our best-kept marketing and expert strategies to help you grow your list and business IMMEDIATELY.

    Behind The Curtain, One Last Time

    This is the LAST CHANCE to learn all of Frank Kern's best-kept secrets for growing your business and creating massive wealth and cash flow.

    Here's what we're going to teach you at our 3-day private "behind-the-curtain" training:

    -- EVERY FORMULA we know to MAKE REAL MONEY and spread GOODWILL

    -- 10 proven, never-before-revealed million-dollar marketing formulas

    -- Business models of the world's greatest (and richest) gurus

    -- High-end consulting and mastermind secrets that you can apply NOW

    -- How highly paid experts make the REAL PAY DAYS happen

    -- The hidden path to being the highest profile, highest paid in any niche

    -- Advanced sales and platform psychology that make us millions speaking

    -- Direct mail secrets that create buying frenzies

    -- Pay per click ninja tricks that don’t waste money and bring in real leads

    -- Joint venture-getting strategies that work NOW (Brendon made $2 million with these)

    -- Product creation formulas that make your life EASY and PROFITABLE

    -- Never-before-seen corporate deals and the formulas used to WIN them


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