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Скачать [Joomla] QUANTITY PLUGIN

Тема в разделе "Joomla", создана пользователем likers, 9 дек 2014.

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    It is quite easy to stumble over the calculation rule system, when you are not used to it. The power of the calculation systems is in its variety of combinations. The most interesting attributes to combine are usually the product categories and the shoppergroups. Consider that you can use unpublished product categories, to layout an hidden structure about your products and to create with it a fine grained calculation.
    Lets assume you have a lot different products, from different manufacturers, but mostly of 3 different distributors. Lets assume the quantity discount depends mainly by the category and the distributor. Then add for each distributor a category and set it to unpublished. Then you can add this category to your product. It is not visible in the Frontend, but the rules are working with it.
    The same with sizes. Lets assume you sell beer. In germany we have as package size 6, 12, and 20. Of course you like it when the people by “even” numbers. So you can create three rules, combine it with the quantity =6, =12 and, =20 and connect it to a category size6, size12, size20. Add these categories then to your products.


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