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Скачать [Joomla] One Page Checkout for VirtueMart

Тема в разделе "Joomla", создана пользователем likers, 10 дек 2014.

  1. likers

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    [Joomla] One Page Checkout for VirtueMart
    Отображение любого элемента корзины, функций и прочего - все это делается в удобном интерфейсе компонента. Работа проверена с компонентами AWOcoupon, Bonus Products и Virtuemart Reward Points - никаких проблем.

    Why do you need our extension
    - it makes checkout process much more simple and straitforward compared to the basic checkout in Virtuemart, all steps including registration or address management are at the single page

    - it adds vast opportunities to your e-system such as direct link to the checkout that can be used from email campaings, event or magazine subscriptions, groupon like systems or for a single product sites, this feature also supports a custom article above the basket or coupons that will be automatically applied

    - it adds many features to the registration such as email as username, change of shopper group per detected IP country or joomla language, it works with various 3rd party EU VAT checkers, it can work in single field registration where only email is required or shown

    - it adds many features to the shipping and ship to section where it can be easily disabled for digital products

    - it supports a feature to disable a payment method per user selected shipping method

    - it includes a plugin to track your orders per your affiliates such as google analytics or adwords

    - it comes with fully styled responsive themes that run on all known 3rd party Virtuemart or Joomla templates


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